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Flow Cytometry System Cytomics FC 500 (Beckman Coulter, USA) 

  • Laser: Uniphase Argon ion, 488nm, 20mW output;
  • Flow cell: 150 × 450 micron rectangular channel enhanced optics quartz mounted with vertical (upwards) flow path (equivalent to BioSense);
  • 32 tube Multi Carousel Loader (MCL)
  • Sample handling with bar codes;
  • Forward Scatter Detector – Solid state detector with Patented Fourier design providing integrated dual collection angle selection (1-19º);
  • High performance photomultipliers with spectral sensitivity from 185 nm – 900 nm;
  • Sensitivity: resolving 0.5μm diameter particles from background noise, with maximum detection up to 40μm diameter particles
  • Workstation: PC, 2 flat screen displays, 17”, a colour jet printer, specialized software (Windows) for operating the flow cytometer and analysing the data obtained.

We have constructed an educational site on flow cytometry - please, explore It helps biologists to get extra-knowledge on flow cytometry techniques and instruments and provides some illustrations of how our Lab applies the methodology in marine studies.


4-channel isothermal microcalorimeter BioActivity Monitor BAM 2277 (Thermometric AB, Sweden) 


  • 4 ml combined flow/amoule microcalorimeter
  • Isothermally thermostatted 23 L calorimeter bath
  • Four independent calorimeter units;
  • Working temperature: 5 °C - 90 °C
  • Stability: better than ±0.0001 °C


Nikon Eclipse TS100-F microscope equipped for brightfield, darkfield, and epifluorescence microscopy and fitted with a digital video/photo camera



Light/epifluorescence microscopes Jenalumar (Carl Zeiss, Germany)




Field equipment includes: Mini CTD Profiler (Valeport, UK), Niskin bottles and 1-L bathometers, microplankton nets (Hydro-Bios, Germany), reverse-flow and vacuum filtration equipment (Sartorius, Germany).